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Combine the powerful analysis tools of NVivo 12 (Windows) with NVivo for Teams to experience streamlined, secure research collaboration. Suited to teams of various sizes, NVivo for Teams is the ideal solution for complex research projects with larger volumes of data. Your team will make informed decisions faster with NVivo for Teams.

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NVivo for Teams Overview

  • Connects to all editions of NVivo 12 (Windows).
  • Team-based projects can be managed centrally.
  • On-premise installation.
  • Creates a real-time collaboration environment.
  • Enables teams to work with greater volumes of data sources.
  • Provides secure, centralized data storage and back up.
  • Changes made by team members are tracked, creating clear audit trails.
  • Prevents unauthorized changes with role based permissions.

How NVivo for Teams Works
With NVivo for Teams, multiple team members can access and work on centrally stored NVivo projects at the same time, in real-time. NVivo for Teams needs to be installed on a server and each team member also requires access to NVivo 12 (Windows).

Real time collaborationCollaborate in real time, sharing data, expertise and insights across your team. Work in the same project at the same time, and see each others’ updates as you work. With live collaboration, you’ll never have to merge separate project files, saving time and frustration.  Get your team reaching evidence-based decisions faster with NVivo for Teams.

Take advantage of enhanced data management and securityAvoid lost or stolen work with project data stored securely in a central location, only accessible with authenticated Windows login credentials. Monitor, maintain, backup and keep track of all projects in one secure location. Use the power of server technology to manage data back-up plans so your team doesn’t lose information, and precious time. Data management and security

Risk managementEnsure your team’s complying with data management policies required by ethical or regulatory bodies, and minimise risk with the benefits of asecure, centrally stored and controlled project.

Control access levels to projects with role based permissions, so no unauthorized changes can be made.

Be confident in your recommendations and reports knowing that findings will stand up to scrutiny. Clear audit trails are created, so you can justify how conclusions were drawn and share information about the research process.

Teams often work on projects with large volumes of complex data. Analyze more data and larger individual pieces of data with NVivo for Teams. Connect multiple users across your organization, bringing the right people together to deliver the best research outcomes. Project scalability